I attened Reboot The Music Business Education Conference today at ICMP London.

Interesting Presentations

Alex Timewell You Only Dream Twice: Ambition and Professional Identity in Music Business Students was interesting with a good use of thinking frames.

The panel **The Role of Work Experience and Internship in Music Business Education ** offer some interesting reflections regarding discerned difficulties students make moving into a work context.

Nina Rubesa How To Manage Your Indie Career Like A Ninja Using Tools Traditional Managers Don’t Even Know About was an encouraging personal story about refusing to let dreams die and strategies to prolong your own.

Darren Hoffman Entrepreneurship as an Art Form demonstrated great use of the question in teaching with insightful methods based around ‘why?’ and ‘who cares?’.

Chris Cooke Classroom To Wembley In Ten Steps: Pathways Into Music offered a timely observation that regardless of the business chosen point of interaction artist enter the industry with their first share.

Andrew Potterton and I were accepted to present our thoughts on Entrepreneurship – Teaching for the Future. Slide online here.