Today at NoiseFloor a trio of my students made use of an AudioBoxes in performance.

Thanks to Jordi Carreras, Molly Darley and Joe Kershaw for their performance of Trio Mining AudioBox One.

Trio Mining AudioBox One

Trio Mining AudioBox One makes use of a deliberately awkward, erratic computer based process forcing players to adapt to varying conditions and predicaments. Players audio inputs are analysed for key parameters which are then dynamically mapped to varying processes in real time. Such dynamic mapping breaks traditional instrument action associations and casualties forcing players to contended with the varying consequences of their actions and of others within the trio. Typically mining AudioBox One involves entering, cutting three rooms and then retreating.

The Players

Jordi Carreras is a musician interested in interacting with computers as a performance practice. He is currently studying BA (Hons) Music (Popular) at Leeds College of Music.

Molly Darley is interested in performing new music and contemporary works written especially for saxophone. She also enjoys performing with larger ensembles and currently performs with the wind ensemble and New Music Collective at Leeds College of Music. Molly is currently in her second year at Leeds College of Music studying classical saxophone under the tuition of Sarah Markham.

Joe Kershaw is a guitarist and composer currently studying at Leeds College of Music. Joe plays guitar in progressive rock and noise trio ‘Troika’, which he formed with fellow Leeds College of Music students in early 2017.


This marks the first public performance undertaken with the prototype AudioBoxes.

Other Performers

Duncan Chapman gave a great performance with stunning visuals while Ana Berkenhoff treated the audience to a fascinating collections of sounds.