I was only able to attend a single day of CeNMaS in Sheffield UK this year due to other commitments but I found it to be a most enjoyable conference.

Interesting Papers

Liz Johnson (com)Mission Impossible? One Composer’s Practice suggested an interesting use of electronics which I will be interested to learn more about and hear the final outcome as it seeks to resolve issues of re-performance.

Edmund Hunt Ancient Texts – Contemporary Voices? was interesting and included a compelling recital of ancient poetry.

Gilberto Agostinho Towards an Automatic Approach to Instrumental Music was also very interesting including the ideas of pre composition as becoming the primary point of composer interacting in automated systems.

Stephen Chase ‘…and always in a new way’—A Memo on (In)consistency showcased some beautiful scores as well including an interesting compositions ‘Why can I not’.

Moss Freed Balancing Control: formulating the grid score also showed an interesting notational technique for what I would refer to as bounded improvisation making use of a grid based systems with symbolic representations of text.

The keynote by Christopher Fox was also very interesting.

I was attending to present my one of my current projects AudioBoxes and look for players and collaborators interested in taking part.

I found CeNMaS to be a most enjoyable conference and would recommend it.