More from MuSA 2017 in Karlsruhe.

Interesting Papers

Paul Doornbusch History of computer music in Australia and England an interesting review of the history and possible moments of ‘fake news’ within the history of computer music.

James Mooney The instrument tells me what to do: Materiality in the performance of historic electroacoustic music interesting consideration of the dangers of undertaking historical electronic performance with a black box approach.

Christiane Strothmann Investigating the Tibetan concept of ‘nga-ro’: A practical example for the entanglement of science and ar something I knew nothing about at all.

Matthew Sergeant Queered orientation(s): Re-imagining the taxonomy and interrelation of musical materials in The Velvet Rage (2017) included a great quote from Timothy McCormack 2010,

An instrument must first be held by a human being before it is that instrument.

Interesting performances

G4 by Paul Doornbusch an interesting use of dynamic stochastic synthesis.