Recently I have been given the opportunity to direct a new Laptop Ensemble.

Am really excited about the possibilities and already started looking to organise some touring concerts, however it got me thinking what works should I play.

and thus began some mmm-ing

You see I want the group to be amazing, the playing outstanding, the control perfect and in all people to be impressed. But what repertoire would be appropriate?

You see I can rate a choir based on its performance of say the ‘Messiah’ and orchestra with its handling of the ‘Rite of Spring’ but how about a laptop ensemble.

Perhaps it does not matter, this group could define the works by which future ensembles should play and prove there worth ad of course there is always the ongoing dialogue of interpretation which dents even the most ‘perfect’ performance of any work.

Lets see what comes of this I… and there will be at least two open concerts