Scott Hewitt and Oscar Abela March 2018 Leeds Uk

Part of Sounds Like This 2018.

Stairwell 81 seeks to explore subtle gamification methods with a complex sonic space as an installation.

Making use of a multi story stairwell setting, Stairwell 81 presents fixed game controllers at various stairwell levels through which users may articulate controls to vary the sonic materials. Manipulations are mediated through unexplained relationships between controllers, gamification processes and compositional intent. These relationships decline from initially rewarding, to then more complex and finally almost ignorant acknowledgment of the human interaction.

The diffuse stairwell space is used to blend the overarching compositional narrative with the individual interactions. While still interactions offer an instrument like separation they do so within a frustrating context perhaps similar to contemporary life.

  • Player 1 unlikely to reward skill
  • Player 2 danger of apophenia
  • Player 3 master controller


Installation Specification

Internal staircase of 3 to 5 floors.

Full range stereo loudspeakers located at the bottom of staircase facing upwards.

Single speaker and game controller at 3 selected intermediate landings within the staircase.

Computer system running Ableton Live running SHGP v1.0.

Installation donwload here.