Composed by Scott Hewitt 2009

For 5 Synthesis Sounds Sources with continuous variable parameters.

Performed as part of the Week of Speakers 2009 recording online here.

Program Note

Args 1 explore ever changing parameter of synthesis controlled by the performers. Each performer creates a synthesis system which has 3 continuous controllable parameters such as, vibrato, modulation, volume carrier wave.

These parameters are then varied as directed by the score bring out about complex and subtle transformations and alterations to the sonority.

The realisation of the score has two phases, the programing of the synthesis, either hardware or software and the then the performance of the parameter control.

Player Notes

The pitch is not significant however it should only be changed between sections.

Three synthesis parameters should be chosen for alteration during the performance, these must be continuous parameters. Of these parameters, parameter one should have the greatest individual effect.


Args 1 args1Score

Diffusion Instructions

There are 5 methods available.

1 Full dense dispersion through space with bits of detail passing through the texture.

2 Sparse, rapid throwing of material around space.

3 Slow systematic movement of material around space.

4 Sparse, slow meandering of material around space.

5 Fast systematic movement of material around space.

One of these methods should be applied to each synth input