Meet Mouse to OSC

The application converts mouse and keyboard events to network messages that can be used locally or transmitted across a compatible network.

See Mouse to OSC

Dissect Mouse to OSC

Mouse to OSC is built within the Max/MSP environment and utilizes the Hewitt OSC NameSpace Syntax.

Use Mouse to OSC

To use Mouse to OSC just select the network transit required. You may also select to have the asci keyboard events passed onto the network.

Mouse to OSC works with OSC, UDP, TCP, Multicast and net.maxhole network transits.

Mouse to OSC needs

Max/MSP 5 environment –
network max abstraction – from the iiLibrary here.
osc-route external – from CNMAT here, or from here for OS X, or from here for Windows.

Get Mouse to OSC

Mouse to OSC is available as an OS X application here.

Also as Max Patches mousetooscdev
.(for development purposes requires iiLibrary)