cipM is based on the audio mixer which was orignally built into CIP but is now a stand alone application. (CIP still uses another code base but they will one day be united.)


  • Configurable Mixer
  • Optional GUI
  • Mono

cipM Screen Shot




cipM requires a current install ChucK.

Available free here.

cipM has been tested on OS X 10.6 upwards…

cipM GUI only works on OS X.


Quick Start OSX with GUI Interface

  • Add load-cipm.ck
  • Add user-interface/cipm-gui.ck

Quick Start without GUI Interface

  • Add load-cipm.ck
  • Add example/no-gui-example.ck


  • Create cipM preset (see preset folder for examples)

  • setup number of channels (src/cip.ck)

4 => int maxchannels;
  • Add selected preset to (load-cipm.ck)

  • Add load-cipm.ck

Mixer Controller Behaviors

  • Create Mixer Controller
CipMixerInterface cm;
  • Connect UGen to bus (Ugen, bus)
.connect(Ugen, int)
  • Change gain on bus (bus, value)
  • Disconnect UGen to bus (Ugen, bus)

cipM Development

Development hosted at https://github.com/scotthewitt/cipM