A standardized method for applying computer based audio processing to live solo instrument playing.

…or an Ableton audio effects for solo instruments.

Quick start guide.


Audio Boxes are a standardised method of creating, documenting and using computer based audio processing.

Audio Boxes have…

  • Defined forces (solo instruments with compouter processing)
  • Intended users (players not programmers)
  • Defined performance space layouts (standardised setup)
  • A set software environment (Currently Ableton Live 9+)
  • No controls

Defined Forces

Any individual instrument bass, piano, trumpet, saxophone and anything else that you are instructed to or wish to apply audio processing to with a computer.

Intended Users

If you can turn on a computer, connect a microphone and use a guitar amplififer your an intended user.

Defined Technology

A stereo sound card input and output.

A computer system capabale of running the software.

An amplififer speaker either stereo or mono.

Software Environment

v1 Audio Boxes make use of an unauthorized Ableton Live 10.

Typical v1 Audio Boxes Equipment List

Not all equipment is always required

  • Two Mics or DIs (depeneding on instrument)
  • 2 x input cables
  • 2 input/ 2 output sound card
  • Computer running unauthorized Ableton 10
  • Guitar Amplifier

Complete v1 Audio Boxes Equipment List

No equipment beyound this may be used in an Audio Boxes v1 setup.

  • Two Mics
  • Two DI boxes
  • 4 x XLR
  • 4 x 1/4” to 1/4” (guitar cable)
  • 2 input/ 2 output sound card
  • Computer running unauthorized Ableton 10
  • Stereo Amplification and Speakers
  • Guitar Amplififer


Download and unpack the Ableton Live Packaage.

Set up sound card, audio input and output.

Open any of the included sets.

Ensure audio input present on track 1.



This Ableton Live Package contains the project.

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AudioBoxes was presented at CeNM@S 2018.Presentation slides.