GEMDays 2008

4 days of sonic explorations @ Huddersfield Uni 2008

24th -> 27th Jan 2008

From the 24th to the 27th of January, the University of Huddersfield
is holding its 3rd electronic music festival: on the 24th on
Quayside, a laptop concert featuring Ultre; on the 25th in St-Paul’s,
a mixed music concert featuring Damien Harron; on the 26th in Milton
Building, a 24-speaker acousmatic concert featuring Gilles Gobeil;
and on the 27th in Milton Building, a video-music night featuring
Bret Battey.

Moreover, there is a pre-concert talk each night with the composers,
as well as a masterclass on sound diffusion on the 24-speaker setup
(27th am) and a MSP poweruser symposium (26th pm).

All this for free! For more information, please visit the website